How to improve ‘Contract Fulfilment’?

Company: A leading company in fuel testing, bunker quantity surveys and fuel management.


  • to improve, clarify and train the contract & tender process, with the aim of a shorter and more efficient process and effective internal cooperation.
  • Step 1: Define the benefits for all the stakeholder
  • Step 2: Interviews with all relevant stakeholders
  • Step 3: Define a new “Way of Working” – Contract Life Cycle Management
  • Step 4: Translate the new ‘Way of Working’ into a trainings program
  • Shorter & efficient process
  • Less time consuming
  • Better and faster contract fulfilment
  • Clarify roles & responsibilities
  • More insights & measurements
  • Clear expectations towards the client
  • Less impact on the internal organisation
  • Cost efficiency and higher turnover
  • Higher contract value
  • Better and more successful internal cooperation