Future proof ‘Talent Development’

Company: Global top 3 Pharmaceutical Company


  • To develop a structured trainings curriculum (Development Program) for the Product Specialists which is fully in line with the challenging and competitive market circumstances and the core competences to be a successful and effective Product Specialist
  • Step 1: Define the benefits for all the stakeholder
  • Step 2: Interviews with all relevant stakeholders
  • Step 3: Define the Key Result Areas, Core Activities & Competences
  • Step 4: Translate competences into behavioural indicators
  • Step 5: GAP Analyses current situation versus desired situation
  • Step 6: Translate the GAP Analyses into a training & development program
  • Step 7: Execute the Development Program
  • A better understanding of the client’s needs/motivations and drivers.
  • A serious equal sparring partner and source of information for the client
  • A fully equipped competitive business partner (Product Specialist) with high impact and strong results and prepared to tackle challenging and competitive market circumstances.
  • Better insights in functional development and career development areas
  • A custom made development approach
  • Unburden managers by well structured and processed Training Curriculum
  • More independent flexible Product Specialists with ownership
  • Better business results, higher customer satisfaction and more active promotors
  • A more competitive, flexible and agile organization
  • A good guideline and clarity of expectations for development, retention and hiring
  • Better succession planning, better insight in individual development issues, talents and career possibilities