‘Field Force for the future’

Company: Biopharmaceutical Company


  • To define and clarify the roles and responsibilities of the “field force” with the current and future (stretch 2017-2020) market circumstances and stakeholders’ needs in mind.
  • To provide a diversity in scenarios with pro’s and con’s of ‘’field force models’
  • Advice on how to restructure the current sales force with pro’s and con’s.
  • Step 1: Interviews with all relevant stakeholders (internal & external)
  • Step 2: Define the major and most important market circumstances
  • Step 3: Assess the current ‘Field Force Approach’ – Barriers & GAPS
  • Step 4: Reducing the complexity and creating the bigger picture through visual communication sessions
  • Step 5: Advice and next steps
  • Better insight in customer needs
  • Insights in current approach versus future approach
  • Overview of all competences to be successful
  • Clarification in the different roles, purpose, key result areas and responsibilities
  • More ownership and accountability
  • Better internal cooperation and understanding

Next steps – implementation & execution

  • To create internal buy in on the new ‘field force model’
  • Translate competences in 3 levels of behavioural indicators
  • GAP Analyses current situation versus desired situation
  • To deliver and execute a team and individual development plan